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The advantages of adapting solar energy such as cost efficiencies and its positive impact on the environment outnumber the disadvantages associated with its purchase.

With the increased number of new entrants entering the industry with more developed technology, competition in the market is high. The market still has high capacity for improvement since the extraction and conversion of the power of the sun is still in its infancy.

In this competitive market, corporations must seek to differentiate their product offering, through their marketing communication efforts.

Organizations are seeking to build profitable relationships with their customers through digital marketing mediums. Solar is defined as a shopping product which involves a considerably high degree of involvement in its purchase. 

Personal consumers will purchase it mostly once in a lifetime as its product endurance is high. Marketing communication should involve relationship marketing initiatives to ensure high levels of satisfaction and delight to their customers.

In this industry similar to every other, customer referrals are an important source of new business and if your existing customers are happy with your products only then will they spread the word around and your business would flourish.